"We went there for Tuesday night dinner. Food is so delicious and we tried the Indian white wine Soul Tree is so good."
- jemsjohn @ Mela Restaurant, London, on 10/1/14

"We tried the Indian wine - both red and white, and I'd definitely have it again!"
- moot @ Mela Restaurant, London, on 2/1/14

"We had some exquisite, little known, earthy red wine (Soul Tree Cab Sauv) which paired perfectly with the delicious repast."
- ChrisM2015 @ Gurkha One Restaurant, Nottingham, on 7/12/14

"The food is great as is the wine. And to be honest I was impressed by Soul Tree, a Cabernet Sauvignon from India."
- Jan B @ House of Flavours Restaurant, Reading, on 16/2/15

"I would recommend the Soul Tree Shiraz. I'd not had Indian wine before and it was very rich and full bodied."
- Simon F @ Mint and Mustard, Taunton, on 5/10/14

"The Indian wine was a fantastic complement to the food (Soul Tree Wines)."
- handsome1964 @ Avon Spice Restaurant, Stratford upon Avon, on 21/10/11

"The wine list is also excellent but I am totally hooked on the Soul Tree Wines that are produced in India."
- rjpinney @ Gurkhas Inn, Twickenham, on 17/4/14

"First time I have tried Indian wine, Soul Tree Sauvignon Blanc, and highly recommend, a refreshing change from the normal pinot grigio."
- BagLadies @ Gopals of Soho, London, on 28/9/14

"One surprise for me was yje discovery of an Indian wine called Soul Tree recommended by the staff. Fabulous."
- stan_1st @ Avon Spice Restaurant, Stratford upon Avon, on 1/11/12

"This is the real deal - and a very good wine list, we had a wonderful Indian wine (Soul Tree) that complemented the food perfectly."
- Gobeli @ Guglee Restaurant, London, on 3/5/11

"The manager careffully explained the regional cuisine and recommended the Soul Tree Reserva Indian red wine which was simply sublime. Shock of the night: Soul Tree Wine. We will be ordering a crate."
- Martin B @ The Spice Affair, Spalding, on 15/2/15

"My favourite is the Goan lamb shank, served 'heavy on the chilli please'. Absolutely delicious! The Soul Tree wines are equally good."
- SueW @ The Spice Affair, Spalding, on 24/1/15

"I will highly recommend the 'Soul Tree' Indian wine which I ordered despite grimaces from my husband (who thought it would be awful as India is not known for wine). If you like heavy reds definitely give it a try, as I insist it was one of the best reds I had while in Edinburgh."
- sofie2 @ Gurkha Brigade, Edinburgh, on 30/8/14

"You might like to try the Soul Tree wines. Either the red or the white complement a curry perfectly - but on its own it may be a little overwhelming."
- StevenMichael @ The Cochin, Hemel Hempstead, on 4/11/14

"One surprise for us was the discovery of an Indian wine range called Soul tree, recommended by the staff. Fabulous, I had the Rose and my friend had the white."
- Timeoutqueen @ Avon Spice Restaurant, Stratford upon Avon, on 5/1/13

"An exclusive range of Indian wines: Soul Tree, from the Nasik Valley, motto: Character is Everything, the deep smoky Cabernet Sauvignon complemented not only the tawa but also the customised chunky, subtly spicy cod tikka jalfrezi I shared with my dining companion who preferred the refreshing caramel-tinged Rose but also enjoyed the zesty Sauvignon Blanc she sampled."
- David P @ Purnima Restaurant, Birmingham, on 3/9/12

"A reasonable wine list accompanies the food, though our favourite is the Indian Soul Tree. You don't normally think of India as a wine producer, but both the Shiraz and the Cabernet Sauvignon are very good indeed and reasonably priced."
- Rod W @ The Spice Affair, Spalding, on 16/2/15

"We also enjoyed some Indian wine for the first time which Raja's is now serving which was very nice too. I have never come across Indian wine before but really liked it. Highly recommended."
- MSCLeeds @ Raja's Restaurant, Leeds, on 20/12/14

"Excellent food, very attentive and knowledgable staff. Excellent Indian wine :)"
- em01-jo @ Ganesha Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 16/9/13

"Authentic and varied food. Also enjoyed Indian wine. All in all delicious."
- Unipsychie @ Ganesha Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 9/4/14

"Had an amazing night yet again last night. Tried Indian wine, it was fabulous."
- Christine A @ Kohinoor of Kerala, Southampton, on 18/6/14

"The wine list is great with the House red and the new Indian red being personal favourites."
- Jason K @ Kohinoor of Kerala, Southampton, on 15/6/14

"Love the Butter Chicken and you have to try the Indian white wine - it's perfect."
- ViennaMichael @ Punjab Restaurant, London, on 16/4/13

"The Indian wine was really good and all in all it was fine."
- tobyandsophie @ Punjab Restaurant, London, on 16/4/13

"The Indian wine, a first for me, complemented te food perfectly. Will definitely return."
- Brid1 @ Majliss Restaurant, Oxford, on 15/6/12

"The food is great and very authentic - the Indian wine they recommended also went perfectly with the food."
- sarah_coopie @ Ganesh Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 1/5/14

"I ordered for a vegetarian dish and a special Indian wine. the waiter was so knowledgeable and served me the best authentic Indian wine that I have not found anywhere in London."
- Ash G @ Pakhtoon Restaurant, London, on 22/9/14

"The Indian wine (a new addition) prefectly complemented our meal."
- dogsHerepian @ Ganesha Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 24/10/14

"By far the best of three Indian restaurants in Lower Sunbury. The Indian wine is also very pleasant to drink."
- SagaGirl @ Indian Zest, London, on 10/1/14

"Great value. Indian wine great too. Thanks again."
- KJandJM @ The Spice Affair, Spalding, on 14/11/14

"The food is really good. The local Indian wine was very tasty too. Highly recommended."
- zimbok @ Singh's Restaurant, Nottingham, on 14/10/13

"It's the only Indian restaurant that I've had Indian wine. Red's pretty good."
- AllanB @ Zayka Restaurant, Nottingham, on 26/11/13

"We can also recommend the Indian wine they serve."
- _RobPissouri_Cyprus @ Shahi Palace Restaurant, London, on 30/10/14

"The Indian wine was interesting too."
- MPriaulx @ Ragam Restaurant, London, on 10/2/15

"Lovely's like coming to have a meal with friends. The Indian wine (!!) was very good too."
- 21Richard23 @ Kohinoor of Kerala, Southampton, on 20/2/15

"What was notable was the availability of Indian red wine, which somewhat stunned me, but I was not disappointed with my choice, as the Indian wine on offer was comparable to the new world variety."
- DoctorGratton @ Singh's Restaurant, Nottingham, on 2/8/13

"Worth trying the Indian wine which is on their list."
- LondonJimbob @ Mama's Nepalese Kitchen, London, on 11/3/13

"The management were really friendly and the food was great. Indian wine is a must."
- David G @ Bombay Blue, Cardiff, on 26/7/14

"Special for this week had a Indian wine Shiraz very impressive as we didn't have it before anywhere else."
- grey j @ Chilis Restaurant, Newbury, on 25/11/14

"Thumbs up all around, even tried some nice Indian wine for the first time, which complemented the food very well."
- Angus M @ Ganesha Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 8/12/14

"The food tasted great and even enjoyed a bottle of Indian wine which was a first."
- nelly289 @ Kohinoor of Kerala, Southampton, on 15/12/14

"The service was second to none, the food was amazing especially the Sea Bass and the Indian wine was a real surprise."
- mary r @ Panjab Restaurant, Slough, on 16/2/15

"The wine list is very good. The first time I was surprised to see an Indian wine on the wine list and was curious to try. It was unlike anything I had tried before and loved it."
- EricGLondon @ Indian Zing, London, on 2/10/11

"Also have the option to try Indian wine which is something every wine buff should try once."
- IanMatthews @ Chilis Restaurant, Newbury, on 5/6/13

"Slow but worth the wait. The Indian wine is an acquired taste!"
- Ian_PearceBristol_UK @ Ganesha Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 5/11/12

"I'd strongly recommend it. We even tried Indian wine for the first time!! Reasonable prices too."
- OndinaLondon @ Ganesha Indian Cuisine, Bristol, on 16/6/13

"We have recently tried their Indian wine which we throughly enjoyed."
- Catherine C @ Spice Exchange, Birmingham, on 11/1/14

"The food and the Indian wine were excellent."
- Anddrew H @ Cinnamon Culture, Bromley, on 1/3/14

"Excellent service. Would recommend their Indian wine too which was an unexpected treat."
- Popintops @ Mint and Mustard, Penarth, on 22/7/14

"Highly recommended and please give the Indian wine a try it's delicious."
- Steve E @ Miah's Restaurant, Swindon, on 8/5/14

"We enjoyed our meal with a bottle of Indian wine which complemented the food perfectly."
- Cloudlands @ East in the West, Paignton, on 22/9/14