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A delightful light, fruity, and aromatic sparkling wine made from the cuvee of four grape varieties - Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Symphony, and Shiraz.

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For thousands of years travellers have come to India to immerse themselves within the mystical and spiritual lands, attempting to find themselves and reach a state of Aikya (spiritual harmony or ‘one-ness’, derived from the Sanskrit ‘Aik’, or One).

Coming from the same spiritual lands Aikya is a sparkling wine that distils the complexities of India into an essence of peace and utter contentment. Aikya is at one with the very Soul of India.

Made from a cuvee of four grape varieties – Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Symphony and Shiraz grown in the heart of the Nasik valley. Each variety contributes in a unique way to produce a fairly light, fruity and aromatic wine with good crispness. Aikya is produced using the charmat method with lees contact for three months creating a delicious and delicate wine with a hint of ageing character.

Nose :     Pleasing with light lemon, green herbs, and aromatic fruit.

Palate :     Refreshing, with a sumptuous mouthfeel and a delicate touch of sweetness to balance the crisp acidity.

Serve :     Serve: Well chilled 6-10°C

Taste Guide:     2

ABV::     12.5%


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