Vibrant and invigorating with notes of elderflower, pear, and green herbs. A tropical Sauvignon that breaks from the mould. Crisp, fresh, and dry on the palate.

Nose:  Vibrant with grassy citrus, gooseberry, and delicate hints of elderflower and nettle aromas.
Palate:  Refreshingly crisp green herbs, smooth texture, and a pleasing finish.
Serve: Well Chilled (8-10°C).  Goes well with salads, seafood, and curries

Perfect with:
Indian fish, pork & chicken dishes, in particular curries and bases that have a tangy vinegar, tomato or tamarind edge; coconut based spicy curries; spicy fried fish and chicken; Afro-Caribbean spicy BBQ sauces (a la West Indian Hot Sauce), spicy Tabasco & Cayenne based sauces on chicken (a la Louisiana Hot Sauce); and spicy Afro-Portuguese ‘birds eye chilli’ based sauce, marinated chicken & fish (a la Peri-Peri sauces).