We used to be social wine drinkers – until we went back to uni as mature students and tried to drink each other under the table. It did wonders for our social life, played havoc with our bodies, and gave us something of a passion.

All around us we found people craving for the next exciting new wine. The Chile story, after all, is now old hat. As luck would have it, we went to India, happened upon a group of farmers silently carrying on the Indian wine revolution, and tasted wine that was second to none. It begged the question: why did wine- and curry-lovers around the world not have the opportunity to complete the experience of an Indian meal with an Indian wine, and why was there no real effort being made to introduce it to wine lovers around the world?

So we decided to do what excites us most. We had already said goodbye to our previous careers; we also decided to forego lucrative post-MBA city jobs and settled down to take matters into our own hands.


Since the wines were launched in early 2011 brand Soul Tree has gone from strength to strength. It is now available to wine lovers and to people who love drinking great Indian wine with great Indian food in restaurants, and a few pubs, bars, and hotels, across most of Southern England and the Midlands. In this period we have won many awards, and gained recognition for what we have achieved.

The impact on us has been varied: on the one hand we have had the most rewarding period of our lives (how can brand building be anything but immensely satisfying?); on the other, the long working hours, the incessant wine-drinking, and a hectic work-social life (yes, you do have those) have resulted in our knocking a few years off our lives and most of the hair on our heads. The quality of life, however, has been nothing but incredible.

In the last three-odd years we have imbibed lots: be it knowledge, information, experience, or wine, it's been a fabulous learning curve. But this, we know, is just the beginning.


We are determined to take Soul Tree to the top of the game. Soul Tree is already a favourite of tens of thousands of curry- and wine-lovers around the UK, and every wine drinker in the country will soon have the opportunity to savour it. We don't know exactly how many more hair we will lose in the process but the one thing we do know for sure is that we will be enjoying ourselves every step of the way. We can promise you that.

Stay with us - we will love your company along the way!