Elegant and attractive with blackcurrant and a slight hint of mint. Supple tannins, black fruits, and juicy through the finish. This Indian red will soothe and charm. Allow to breathe.

Nose: Elegant & spicy, with plums and raspberries
Palate: Intense and spicy with pleasant fruit flavours and a smooth finish
Serve:  17-19°C. Allow to breathe.  Great with tandoori dishes, curries, and meats
Taste Guide: C

This Cabernet Sauvignon has a fruity style with berry fruit and liquorice flavours, and has soft tannins. It is intense, with gamey hints and a spicy finish. We recommend this Cabernet Sauvignon with mild curries and meats that use very few spices for seasoning. We would also recommend not pairing it with cream or yoghurt based curries as they may flatten the flavours of this intense red. This Cabernet Sauvignon tastes best with milder, less spicy, dishes - but these are not strict rules and we would rather encourage you to try what suits you best.

Perfect with:
Mildly spiced Indian red meat curries; grilled and tandoori dishes