India has a diverse mix of climates and, as you would expect from a country of its size, as many as six climatic sub-types. These include extremes of the alpine tundra of the lower Himalayas, the deserts of Rajasthan, and the humid and lush tropical belt of Kerala. There are regions, however, that beautifully combine the tropical macro climate with the perfect elevation, soil, amd micro climatic conditions to be superbly suited to vineyard plantations. Nasik Valley, with arguably the best conditions for wine-grape growing in Asia, is one of them.

(approx. 3/4th of Indian wine production)

Nasik Valley - The heart of Indian wine production. A region blessed with, some claim, the best terroir in Asia. Moët Hennessy produce their Domaine Chandon here.
Narayangaon & Baramati Belt - The region was home to Omar Khayyam, India's largest selling sparkling wine in the 1990s.
Bijapur & Sangli Belt - Further south of Nasik, this region enjoys some interesting grape growing areas.

(approx. 1/4th of Indian wine production)

Goa - A low altitude coastal state blessed with world renowned beaches. Most wine produced here is Port style fortifield wine using Viis Labrusca varieties like Bangalore Blue
Kaveri Valley - A new and upcoming region in the state of Karnataka.
Nandi Hills - Around 50km north of Bangalore, and a region known for its temperate weather all year round.

(very small proportion of Indian wine production)

Himachal Pradesh - The northernmost grape growing region of India.
Mizoram - The region's vineyards in this beautiful state are centred around the town of Champai.